Kathleen Das

University Nursery School

CEO & Head Director

Thank you for your interest in our program! University Nursery School is a network of four nursery school sites throughout the city of Duluth. We are a nonprofit organization, open to all children ages 6 weeks to 6 years of age. Our centers have been providing quality Early Childhood education and care since 1972.  All of our centers are open Monday - Friday year-round. At our schools, we believe that a quality early childhood experience is fundamental to school readiness. We feel our program has the ability to profoundly affect the children in our care, and thus, the community in which they live. Our schools provide a balanced program of learning experiences designed to foster the cognitive, motor, as well as social, emotional, and aesthetic development of the preschool child. Our school environments are structured to stimulate the child’s curiosity and encourage self-directed learning. Children alternate between independently exploring a planned environment and teacher led group instruction. Age and developmental level will determine placement in groups. The daily program includes outdoor play, art and music experiences, as well as opportunities to develop pre-academic skills in math, science, and language. Because we believe that learning for the young child takes place where there is direct interaction with the environment, our curriculum will be based on experiences that emphasize functional learning at the child’s age of development. We strive to structure an environment that provides natural opportunities for language development, manipulation of materials, sensing of meanings and relationships, developing work habits, and obtaining social maturity.

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