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We are no longer closing classrooms for covid exposures. We are following the guidelines for positive cases within our students and families:

*Any student who is unvaccinated and has a positive exposure from within their own household must quarantine for 5 days.  They may return on day 6 with a negative test.  Students who are vaccinated and not experiencing symptoms do not need to stay home, but please test them to make sure they are negative and test again for COVID after day 5 of the exposure.  

*Students who test positive must complete a full 10 day quarantine from either the onset of symptoms or the positive test, whichever was first. 

*Students who are exposed at school must stay home if they are experiencing symptoms and test for COVID. If students are not experiencing symptoms and they are vaccinated, there is no need to test. 

*Students who have a fever of 100.4 or higher, or who are exhibiting major covid symptoms must receive a covid test



*A deposit of $500/1st child and $250/each subsequent child is due at the time of registration.

*$25 registration fee per child is due upon registration.

  • Deposits will be held for no more than 6 weeks (for families new to our centers) or 8 weeks (for families with at least one child already attending) past the originally planned start date.  Pushing your start date past the 6 or 8 week limit will result in forfeiture of your deposit and requirement of an additional deposit.

  •  *No spot is guaranteed until the deposit and registration fees are paid in full.

*Deposits and registration fees are non-refundable.

Full Time Enrollment:

Infant (6 weeks - 16 months)     $250/week                                                                      

Toddler (16 - 33 months)           $225/week   

Preschool (33 months - 6 yrs)    $215/week

*Tuition is billed for weekly rate only.                  

*A late pick up fee of $25 will be charged up until the 15 minutes late mark. A late pick up fee of $50 will be charged for any pick up more than 15 minutes late. All late fees are due before the next day of attendance. Services will be terminated upon the 3rd late pick up.

Part Time Enrollment: 

Infant (6 weeks - 16 months)      $52/day      *Jefferson Center Only

Toddler (16 - 31 months)            $47/day     * Jefferson Center Only

Preschool (31 months - 6 yrs)     $45/day        *All Centers

*Part Time Enrollment contracts are for a minimum of 10 weeks. Days of attendance must be established at contract signing and must remain the same for the length of the contract.   

*A late pick up fee of $25 will be charged up until the 15 minutes late mark. A late pick up fee of $50 will be charged for any pick up more than 15 minutes late. All late fees are due before the next day of attendance. Services will be terminated upon the 3rd late pick up.

*An additional convenience fee of $10/day will be billed for all added days (uncontracted days that are added on).


  • Tuition is prebilled weekly and is due weekly upon receipt of invoice.

  • All billing and billing related notices are delivered via email.  Paper invoices can be delivered upon request.

  • Payment can be made in one of the following ways:

    • Cash, check, or money order payments can be made at the centers, using the locked payment boxes. Please use the preprinted envelopes provided at each box.

    • Credit or debit card payments can be made by following the “pay now” link in your invoice email.

    • Credit or debit card payments can be made over the phone by calling 218-269-064

    • Pre-authorized recurring payment (authorization form)

  • Tuition 2 or more weeks behind is considered past due.

  • Non-payment will result in termination of services.

  • Individualized payment plans may be agreed upon with the CFO.  

  • A 2-week notice is required when leaving the program. Failure to provide a 2-week notice will result in two weeks of tuition charged after the last day of attendance.

  • UNS is a private non-profit operation.  

  • Accounts left unpaid upon termination of contract will be referred to our collection agency, Range Credit Bureau, Inc.

  • CFO – Tracy Goulet; 218-269-0641



University Nursery School does charge regular tuition for the following holidays, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday) Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day.  Should a holiday fall on a weekend, we will follow the observed Holiday Day.  **There may be times where a holiday would fall on a Tuesday or Thursday and the "gap" day could result in a closure, if this is the case, the closure announcement will be made well in advance.


University Nursery School will have two in-service days a year starting in 2021.  The days may differ from year to year and are charged regular tuition for the days.  2022 days are Friday, April 15, and Friday, October 21.  



After one full year of fulltime attendance, each child will become eligible for 2 weeks per year of unpaid vacation time. Vacation time must be taken in a 1 week increment and vacation requests must be submitted at least two full weeks in advance.(vacation request form) Refunds for sick days are given only if the child is ill for six weeks or more.


Parents should watch for closure/late start notices when an emergency such as the following examples occur:

  • Snow and/or ice storms 

  • Loss of electricity for more than 2 hours during normal business hours

  • Loss of running water for more than 2 hours during normal business hours

  • Loss of heat for more than 2 hours during winter months

  • State/city officials and /or MNDOT declare a weather emergency which requires people to stay off the roads.

If a closure is to occur, it will be announced on Facebook, WDIO and KBJR by 5:30am.  Please plan accordingly as UNS closes when the Duluth School district does.  Tuition for these days will not be refunded.  In cases of extreme weather when traffic conditions are such that parents are unable to pick up their children, staff will remain with the children in school until such time conditions permit the child to safely get home.



Upon occasion, one or more of our centers may close for one or more days due to circumstances outside our control (Facility closures due to utility work or damage, property work or damage, etc) Tuition for these days will not be refunded.  



UNS is open 52 weeks each year, with the exception of the following days:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday AND Friday) Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.  If one of these holidays fall on a day your child is normally scheduled to attend, regular tuition will be charged. Observed Holiday Days will be followed should one of the holidays we observe fall on a weekend.

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